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Surveying storm damage from space: UK satellite provides images of Somerset floods

12 February 2014

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Satellite images taken by the UK's disaster monitoring satellite, UK-DMC2, are assisting UK agencies in their response to the severe flooding caused by recent storms.

The images, which show serious flooding on the Somerset Levels, were taken when the UK activated the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters' - an international effort to task Earth Observation (EO) satellites to provide free satellite data during natural emergencies.

Uniquely, the UK is a member of the Charter on a public-private basis that makes best use of the available government and commercial expertise. The UK Space Agency holds a seat on the Charter's Board, providing policy direction and examining ways to improve Charter performance in future, and DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) operates the Disaster Monitoring Constellation - a commercial satellite constellation made available as part of the Charter satellite fleet - and manages the UK operational contributions as a member of the Charter's Executive Secretariat.

Source: UK Space Agency

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